Top10 Best Standing Desk 2017

Standing desk is a special type of desk specially designed for writing, reading and carrying out other academic activities while standing. These unique types of furniture are also referred to as stand-up desks. Apart from carrying out your academic work while standing, you can also use a high stool and still perform your tasks successfully.

In the recent past, standing desks have been increasingly growing popularity as a result of a number of reasons, core among them being their health benefits. The desk is known to have very minimal associated health risks as opposed to other types of desks which cause considerable risks such as back, wrist and chest problems.

It is an opportune time that Amazon brings you varied standing desks made in different styles specialized to suit particular types of both professional and academic tasks. If you need a telephone desk or an architectural drafting desk that can maximally meet all your needs, you have found the right equipment. If you love working while standing and that is what you enjoy most, we have the best selections for you in store. What you need is to make a specific choice today, and you will have your desire instantly fulfilled.

The best thing with these standing desks is that they are adjustable. You don’t have to worry about your height. You can use an electric motor, counterbalance system or a hand crank to adjust the height and perform your duties on a desk you enjoy most.

Best of all, we have a unique type of desk constructed in such a way that makes it possible to be set on top of an existing desk for standing, and you can still remove it if you want to sit.

With these numerous and endless advantages of standing desks, some of the best selected, highly rated and best acknowledged standing desks are described below. In making your decision on the exact brand of sit stand desk to buy for your office, academic or home use, you need to have a clear image of what it looks like. Do not be lured into settling for something that may get you, your staff, workmates and family in regrets.

You can clearly focus on some of the salient features of every sit stand desk before coming up with your choice. When you have finally settled on your best choice, you will be sure of quality service and performance. Below are the top ten best standing desks for all your academic and professional tasks. Their features have also been highlighted for clarity and informed decision-making. Have a look:

Top10 Best Standing Desks Product Review for Your Work.

ModelDesktop Space InchTablet UseWide Keyboard TrayMax weight capacity lbsCostOur Rating
1. FlexiSpot 35" (Editor’s Choice)35 x 31.5YesYes35money icon 1money icon 1money icon 14.5/5
2. VARIDESK-Pro Plus 3636 x 30NoYes35money icon 1money icon 1money icon 1money icon 14.8/5
3. VIVO 36"36 x 22NoNo37.5money icon 1money icon 14.4/5
4. The House of Trade32.5 x 26.75NoNo50money icon 1money icon 14.6/5
5. Halter ED-258 (Editor’s Choice)35.6 x 20.4NoYes47.3money icon 1money icon 1money icon24.6/5
6. Rocelco30 x 20.5NoNo50money icon 1money icon 14/5
7. Stand Steady28 x 20NoMedium20money icon 1money icon 14.4/5
8. FlexiSpot 27"26.8 x 28.9YesNo33money icon 1money icon 1money icon24.6/5
9. Lorell LLR9975937 x 24NoNo50money icon 1money icon 1money icon 14.4/5
10. Mount-It!23.5 x 16NoMedium33money icon 1money icon 14.7/5

1. FlexiSpot 35’’Best Standing Desk

Here is one of the highly rated and valued standing desk among customers. With an average rating of 4.7 stars out of a total of 5, FlexiSpot is as flexible as the name suggests.

35 Customers have reviewed this adjustable standing desk proudly as a trusted, convenient and flexible standing desk, just as its name. Its movement whether in the office or, at home is smooth and very stable. Whether standing or sitting as you enjoy the convenience of this desk, you are assured of total safety and security. There are no chances at all that the desk will let you down and fall off or break down. Its gas spring hovering system is very effective in the sense that it allow your workstation to adjust smoothly to either sitting or standing, by simply squeezing lightly on its handles.

Similarly, its work surface is large and wide enough to serve a multi-tasking worker. If you had a lot of work to handle it ago, or you are carrying out an extensive research, you have found the right workmate. FlexiSpot will allow you to work conveniently even with greater workloads. There is ample space for placing your materials. Its keyboard tray is wide enough and you won’t have problems with your monitor. You can conveniently place it at your comfortable reading distance.

Its ergonomic design makes it even more beneficial because you can choose to work with your preferred height level and decide to either work while standing or sitting. You can as well alternate and remain comfortable throughout the day. If worried about your posture, arm positions and your wrists, you don’t have to worry any longer because this standing desk is meant to ensure healthy wrists, proper arm position and a better posture.

Its construction is also unique. It is stable and able to support any weight up to 35lbs. It has been tested for balance, stability and movement and proven to be functional beyond doubt.

2. Varidesk –Pro Plus 36 Expensive yet Premium Quality

The black colored Varidesk Pro Plus, 36 is one of the best height adjustable desk you can ever have for the complete solution for all your office and home academic and professional needs. Its rating and number of reviews communicate all about its value.

It has an average of 4.8 stars ratings, by 1,288 customers, which is simply awesome. Despite its price, it is a worth having equipment. Regardless of how huge your work space and monitor setup needs are. Varidesk has a solution for you. It is specially designed for a dual monitor set up. It is a bestseller standing desk with a two-tier design that will give you an upper surface for the display of your monitor. Its lower mouse and keyboard deck are spacious enough that you won’t have any problem working with it.

When you talk of its height adjustment, it is simply extraordinary. You have 11 options for adjusting this uniquely designed Varidesk equipment without undermining stability even at the highest level. Regardless of the weight exerted on it, this standing desk performs extraordinarily, lifting up to 15.8 kgs within 3 seconds using the patented spring-loaded mechanism of lifting. You can therefore use it either while seated or while standing without losing your concentration and focus.

You simply need to order for Varidesk Por Plus 36 and have the best deck you have been desiring. You won’t have troubles installing or assembling since it comes fully assembled and intact. Just get it from the box and start using it straight away.

3. Vivo —Most Cost-effective

It is high time Vivo brings you a wonderful and highly trusted product in the name of a height adjustable standing desk. Indeed it is height adjustable. You may have wandered looking for the best standing desk that suits your work and failed to get the best of your choice. You need to rejoice for finally settling on a product that will cater for your professional and academic needs, without of course undermining your comfort and health.

Vigo Standing desk has been reviewed by 256 customers who gave it an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. Is it not a product worth having?

You can choose to sit, stand or carry out your work throughout the day while alternating your posture. You do not have to be worried about back pain and other health risks, for the ergonomic design and flexibility of this workstation guarantees your safety and good health.

The dual gas spring force of this standing desk makes it easy to shift from quickly from sitting to standing or from standing to sitting in just a single smooth motion. With an adjustable range between 6.5’’ to 16’’, you can adjust comfortably to your desire comfort level just by using a simple touch height-locking mechanism which is intuitively designed to meet all your adjustment needs.

The work area of this desk is specious enough to accommodate all your work needs, with its top surface measuring 36’’ by 22’’. This wide space provides plenty of space that can accommodate your dual-monitor setups and your laptop or simply if you have a single monitor. The space is more than enough for you.

The tier is also multi-purpose in its functioning, with its lower deck able to hold your keyboard and mouse on both side and as it rises in its sync, the top surface becomes a very comfortable space for working, whether seated or while standing. It is further convenient, reliable and secure for holding your material because it is able to a hold a weight of up to 37.5 lbs.

After receiving your standing desk at a cheaper price than most height adjustable desk, you will have to carry out very minimal assembling tasks that involve organizing it to get it ready for work. Otherwise, it is enjoyable working on this workstation.

4. The House of Trade– Adjustable Height Desk Riser

This unique adjustable height standing desk is a heavy duty standing desk that is able to hold up to 50 lbs without worrying about the safety of your working equipment.

It is able to rise from 6.5 to 16.5 inches and allow you to work comfortably at an ample space. It is one of the height adjustable desk that is highly valued among customers, having a stars rating of 4.6 out of 5, by a total of 236 customers. Its Wide Retractable keyboard tray makes it easy to hold the keyboard together with other tools such as a mouse.

The desk surface is wide enough to fit more two monitors comfortably without squeezing them together.

It is also convenient because the user has an option of adjusting the height and working while standing or while seated. It is easy to work with since you just have to adjust the height up and down using simple hand levers.

This adjustment does not require any technical expertise, so you don’t have to be worried about how you will have to operate it. Simply squeeze and lift it, it will get adjusted in an almost automatic manner.

There are five incremental height options available for you to adjust the height of this standing desk i.e. up to 16.5 inches. Therefore, simply make a smooth height adjustment and enjoy your work while standing or seated, depending on your best posture and comfort. In general its overall dimensions are 32.5 inches wide by (24.5 by 26.75 inch) deep by (6.5 to16.5 inch) high.

5. Halter ED- 258 Preassembled Height Adjustable Desk

Halter ED – 258 is another option for you, if ever interested in carrying out your tasks comfortably and conveniently. Though it may be argued that this standing desk is more expensive than others, its price does not have to worry you about it has a number of merits that you will never find in any other similar product. It is supplied by the most trusted Super Deal Suppliers and trusted by most customers whose average stars rating amount to 4.5, after reviews done by 335 customers.

For all your standing desk needs, it is advisable to opt for something that will result in no regrets, and Halter ED is a convenient equipment for you. Whether it is comforting, health or a better posture, doesn’t worry. This renowned equipment is able to fulfill all these needs for you.

It is further advantageous because of the manner in which it is shipped. It arrives at your destination fully assembled. All you need to do is simply place it on the table and you will have everything done.

Using Halter ED – 258 allows you to work while standing or sitting depending on the posture you prefer most. It fits different desks and be sure of working with it comfortably whether in your office or at home.

Most importantly, it has a warranty of one year, within which any problem or failure resulting from manufacturing or transportation issues will be considered for compensation or replacement.

6. Recelco ADR Height Adjustable Standing desk

Out of reviews made by 400 customers of Recelco ADR standing desk, it was found that its value was placed at 4.2 stars out of 5 stars ratings. It is advantageous in many ways such as its large working space. If you have two monitors, do not worry. You have a perfect equipment to serve you as an absolutely affordable price. Its keyboard tray is also wide and spacious enough and can even accommodate your laptop.

The keyboard tray is ergonomic and the staggered height between the monitor and keyboard maintains the monitor at a perfectly convenient height which prevents you from straining too much as you concentrate on your task. There is therefore no need of having a separate monitor riser.

Height adjustment is very easy, unlike other standing computer desks that will require you to spend both of your time and energy making adjustments. Height adjustments can be done up to 16.3’’. It offers four incremental height options.

Other benefits include comfort and convenience. You don’t have to sit all day. With this ergonomic equipment, you can as well choose to work while standing, which is healthier.

The best thing with this equipment is that you won’t have to struggle assembling it. It comes fully assembled and ready for use.

Best of all, its safety is guaranteed. It is a heavy duty equipment that holds up to 50 lbs.

7. Stand Steady – X – Elite Pro Height Adjustable Desk

This is yet another one of your best preferred standing desk you have been yearning for. It is popular among customers, having satisfied 489 who gave it a stars rating of 4.6 out of five. It is designed in a unique way such that it has a desk converter that enables it to move up and down in a matter of seconds with extraordinary ease.

You won’t believe how comfortable you become with choosing to use this standing desk. It further features a premium pump- assisted.

Its single flat surface allows for more productivity and efficiency since the space is wide enough to suit all your needs. The height range is much commendable and of ergonomic nature. You can choose any height between 7 inches to 16 inches depending on your height preference.

At the end of your work, you will hardly believe you have been working because you won’t feel any fatigue and discomfort. Health-wise, it is advisable to use just such a standing desk as this because no health complication is involved in its use.

8. FlexiSpot 16.7“H x 27“W Standing Desk

One of the best choices you are going to make as far as your standing computer desk needs are concerned is choosing this unique and extraordinary Flexisport standing desk, because all the benefits and convenience will be yours. It is indisputable with an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 stars, an average rating by 60 customers who bought and enjoyed the convenience of the equipment.

Its flexibility as suggested by the name makes its keyboard easy for removal in case you want to change it or use the platform for other purposes like reading. Deeper and more than enough working space allow you to carry out extensive academic research and other tasks. You can have everything on the same surface without worrying about its limitation. Documents, devices, notes and anything that you require will be in front of you as you work while standing or sitting, depending on how best you can work.

To raise your platform or lower it, one touch is enough for you. The lever will get it up or down, depending on your own choice and preference. This height adjustable desk is further advantageous because of its tablet groove design. It can easily support your phone or tablet.

9. Lorell LLR99759 Deluxe Ergonomic Sit- to Stand Monitor Raiser

Worried about working space, flexibility and working height? You do not have to worry any more. You have found what you were looking for. Lorell offers you this convenient standing desk with an opinion that everything on your side will be okay. Rated with an average of 4.4 stars out 5 with a total of 401customers. Lorell Deluxe is an ergonomic standing computer desk designed to meet all your needs with utmost perfection.

Its top is spacious enough, having dimensions of 16’’ by 37’’ by 24’’. It is black and easy to clean. It is also convenient in terms of offering ample space since it can accommodate multiple large monitors or one large monitor and a laptop. It also has an ergonomic keyboard tray that slides to accommodate your mouse and keyboard without compromising your convenience.

Its thick top features a grommet hole which is designed for any type of ergonomic monitor arm and wire management. Furthermore, its handles are very much friendly in such a way that they can facilitate upward and downward movement.

10. Mount-It! Sit Stand Workstation Standing Desk

Mount-It is one type of height adjustable desk that features an ergonomic design and fulfills all your needs as far as comfort and convenience are concerned. It has been proven functional beyond doubt, garnering an average rating of 4.5 out of 5, from 45 customer reviews. It features a sit-stand desk stand converter that eliminates all health problems that arise as a result of too much sitting. The converter saves your money that would have been spent buying another standing desk.

The gas spring mechanism makes it able to move from sitting to standing within seconds without getting tired of a single boring working posture. Its height adjustment ranges from 6.5 to 18 inches.

Besides its bonus double monitor mounts advantage, a wide space of 16 by 23.5 Inches top and 12 by 27 inches keyboard platform makes it possible to comfortably to involve your mouse, laptops and other essentials in your work. 

Its ergonomic design also features soft wrist pads that provide a convenient place for resting your wrists which are also healthy since it prevents repetitive injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome.


In a nutshell, best standing desks are essential in ensuring comfort and convenience during your office work and other academic tasks. The above top ten described standing desks offers a diverse range for your choice. For informed choice depending on your needs, you can simply focus on their core features and come up with your best standing desk. O

therwise, they are all you need to be comfortable, avoid stress and health complications that arise as a result of too much sitting. To have one of your choice, simply make an order and have it shipped to you in a matter of few days, if not hours.


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