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      An ergonomic and cozy office or gaming chair is necessary for your wellbeing in many ways. Majority of us who have office jobs sit for not less than 8 hours making us prone to lower back strains, neck pain, spinal misalignment among others. It would be fair to say that gamers on the other hand, could be on the chair from sunshine to sunrise.

Below are the top gaming and office chairs, improve your productivity by acquiring either of these chairs:

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Model MaterialRecommended weight
capacity Under(pounds)
CostOur Rating
Best Budget Gaming Chair
1. Offex HL-0001-GGMesh Mid-Back
Fabric Seat
200money icon 1money icon 14.1/5
2. AmazonBasics High-BackLeather High-Back
Leather Seat
250money icon 1money icon 14.6/5
3. ModwayMesh Mid-Back
Fabric Seat
200money icon 1money icon 14.5/5
Best comfortable Gaming Chair
4. SertaLeather High-Back
Leather Seat
300money icon 1money icon 14.2/5
5. LSCINGLeather High-Back
Leather Seat
300money icon 1money icon 14.6/5
6. DXRacerLeather High-Back
Leather Seat
200money icon 1money icon 1money icon 14.6/5
7. X RockerLeather High-Back
Leather Seat
300money icon 1money icon 14/5
Top High-End Gaming Chairs
8. Herman Miller AeronMesh Mid-Back
Mesh Seat
250money icon 1money icon 1money icon 1money icon 14.9/5
9. ErgohumanMesh High-Back
Mesh Seat
250money icon 1money icon 1money icon 1money icon 14.5/5
10. Herman Miller EmbodyPatented Dynamic
Mesh Material
250money icon 1money icon 1money icon 1money icon 1money icon 14.7/5

1. Offex HL-0001-GG Mid-Back Chair with Triple Paddle Control, Black Mesh

 Looks might deceive you when it comes to this mid-back office chair. Small in size but serves you more than even other high-back big office chairs. With a breathable mesh back you are assured of abated sweating because of the free circulation of fresh air.

Comes with all-round adjustability features which offer extra handiness when need arises. A pneumatic height adjustment system, adjustable arms and an efficient tilt-lock mechanism are all well integrated to enhance your comfort. The triple pad control mechanism is conveniently located to ensure that you enjoy the full adjustability with ease.

         Offex is made of long-lasting material that adequately serves you for a long time while still maintaining the desired quality. The dense padded foam, steel and nylon finish are well done to guarantee you satisfactory service. It’s a chair you should consider whenever you are thinking of that simple yet fully adjustable office chair.

1. Fully adjustable.
2. Ventilated Mesh Mid-Back
3. Long-lasting materials.
4. Staff chair in the first choice

1. Mid-back limitations
2. Backrest materials aren’t too comfy.

2. AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair – Black

This black beauty graces any office set up with its towering height. This is surely an elegant office chair that will get you through any busy day. The 360-degree swivel and nylon casters ensure easy movement in your office by quiet gliding movements around the office.

 All-day comfort is guaranteed through the cozy thick padding on the seat and back as well as the padded armrests. The bonded black leather and PVC upholstery encase the padding through a very neat knitting. This is surely a fully adjustable chair in that it has a pneumatic height adjustment and a tilt-lock mechanism that controls the reclining and rocking motions.

Every part of this chair is well cushioned from the seat pan, high back and the curved armrests.  This goes to show that this is a chair that offers you full uniform comfort and support. To top it all, the chair has this sleekness in it from the black leather to the tinted metallic base.

1. Sleek design.
2. Durable upholstery.
3. Plush cushioning.
4. Amazon self-product, very popular, quality assurance, the price is very affordable, both in the study and independent office will be very appropriate

1. Slippery PVC fabric.

3. Modway Articulate Black Mesh Office Chair

A modernized mid-century allure with a dash of fashionable flair is what this chair is made of. The black one is a choice out of other 8 color options clearly presenting you with a wide variety to choose from.

The passive lumbar support offers the necessary support hence more comfort and less fatigue. The plush padding design on the seat pan ensures less pressure on your thighs hence assured relaxation. The armrests have a deep to it thus contouring well to your arms in a very natural position.

The adjustability actually surprises many with how versatile it can get on these grounds. The pneumatic height adjustment and the adjustable armrests complement the tilt lock and tension that ensures secure reclining positions.

The mesh mid-back ensure comfort during extended working hours aided by the 360-degree swivel as well as the hooded caster wheels which ensure smooth movements around the office. This is an office chair that will definitely suite any office or home office and surely amplify the looks and functionality of your office. All this comes at a very pocket-friendly price.

1. Fully adjustable.
2. Ventilated mesh mid-back.
3. Affordable.

1. Mid-back constraints.
2. Tall armrests may not fit under many tables.

4. Serta Air Health and Wellness Executive Office Chair, Light Grey

Comfort is surely the epicenter of this stylish office chair that is surely a masterpiece by the Serta wellness series. The rich tradition of innovation and providing quality products has once again graced us with this office beauty.

The adaptive lumbar support is taken to a whole new level by the impressive air technology that is engineered with spinal wellbeing in mind. Prolonged sitting is now safe thanks to this technology which abates strain and injuries. Superior sturdiness and comfort is catered for by deep layered pillows which enhance breathability and steady air flow.

Cabled levers have been designed to offer apt height adjustment and tilt mechanisms without much hustle. The smooth bonded leather fabric is well stitched all across this office chair ensuring uniform comfort. The armrests are densely padded, so is the high headrest warranting comfort on all fronts.

The pneumatic height adjustment as well as the 360-degree swivel cap it all when it comes to providing you with one of the most comfortable chairs. This is conclusively not your ordinary office chair, it goes a step further in improving and maintaining your wellness.

1. Air lumbar support.
2. Dense padding.
3. Bonded leather fabric.
4. Serta has extensive experience in ergonomic research

1. Slippery at 90° position.

5. LSCING Executive Racing Style Office Chair 

The LSCING series surely never disappoints when it comes to meeting all your needs as a gamer. This executive racing style chair boasts an ergonomic design that goes a long way into making sure you long for that gaming experience.

Inspired by the all-time great Ferrari interior design, the black-red color combo is truly one of a kind. The PU leather is well stitched with attractive patterns that strikes a profound balance. The high quality PU leather is easy to clean and fade-resistant looking to serve you for years. The sturdy metal frame encased by the polished nylon offers you stability and secured gaming positions

A 90°-170° recliner back is one to marvel at allowing you the comfort of steady upright position as well as a sleeping position which is necessary for breaks needed by any gamer. Enjoy the adjustable armrests which allow the chair to be used at different positions as well as gamers of different heights.

The idea behind the simple design is that the chair can as well be used in your office as well. With the two lumbar support pillows, pneumatic height adjustability, a royal 360-degree swivel and the gliding dual caster wheels, it qualifies to be used in many platforms.

1. Heavy-duty workmanship.
2. Fully adjustable.
3. Multi-functional.
4. Trendy design.
5. Easy assembling.

1. Moisture build up.

6. DXRacer Formula Series DX  

Any gamer would tell you that they wouldn’t settle for less when it comes to the comfort that they deserve for a cherished gaming experience. The DXRacer is the kind of chair that looks to meet your needs in a special way.

Recognition by the popular eSports teams such as Dignitas and Fnatic which boast of representation at mega events such as the UMG and WCG, goes to tell you how good this gaming chair is. Superb stability is provided for by the tubular steel frame and a study nylon 5-star base.

The entirety of your spinal pillar right from the pelvis to the neck is well supported by the high back, headrest cushion and lumbar cushion. The breathable strong mesh is well covered by the black-red PU cover giving the chair an exquisite look.

The adjustability is surely one of a kind with a 170° recliner back which allows you to take power naps in between your gaming sessions. Adjustable cushioned armrests as well as the pneumatic height adjustment thus qualify this to be a gamer’s favorite.

1. Renowned recognition
2. Dense cushioning.
3. Very stable.
4. Hygienic

1. Dysfunctional pillows.

7. X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair

The “X” label sits pretty on the headrest clearly announcing the identity of this X rocker gaming chair that’s the perfect choice for that hardcore gamer.

A 4.1 Audio system comprising of In-built speakers and a booming subwoofer serve you well either when gaming, listening to music or watching a movie. Bluetooth enabled, side control panel with all controls and jacks and a personal headphone jack provide you with unlimited convenience. You should also note that this chair is compatible with Xbox, PlayStation, Gameboy, and all standard home theaters.

Assembling is a snap which wouldn’t be expected for a chair that comes with wires that need to be jacked up correctly. The gun stock arms, a padded headrest and the upgraded upholstery provide comfort for your longer gaming hours.

The X Rocker takes your experience a notch higher with the controllable in-built vibration. This is by far the best console gaming chair that allows you to enjoy your gaming experience in its entirety.

1. Easy assembling.
2. In-built speakers and Bluetooth enabled.
3. Console-gamer tailored.
4. Prestigious.

1. Pricey.

8. Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Herman Miller is the forerunner when it comes to ergonomic office chairs, any day, any time. This is one investment that you should consider if you are looking to have a permanent solution to your desires of owning a proper office chair.

The design dates back to early 90’s and this goes to tell you that it has had over 2 decades of researching and upgrading. The Posture Fit Back Support is well integrated into this chair ensuring you assume the correct posture whenever using it. It provides you with much needed support on your lower and high back and you will surely feel the positive impact it has on your posture.

The all-mesh back and seat pan guarantees you all-day comfort. The high-tech mesh fabric abates sweating as well as moisture build up thus keeping you cool all day long. The levers are well positioned to facilitate lockable forward and rear tilt, you can also control the tension to your desired levels. The 360-degree swivel and the universal caster wheels amplify your comfort by aiding smooth movements within the office.

This Herman Miller beauty is worth every dime, looks good and makes you feel good. With an unbelievable warranty of a minimum of 10 years it surely can’t get any better.

1. World-renown designers.
2. Ventilated mesh fabric.
3. Amplified Lumbar Support.

1.Very expensive

9. Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair

This Ergohuman masterpiece is surely up there with the Millers when it comes to the mesh artistry. The all-mesh design ensures continuous flow of fresh cool air making you feel good and good to go fo a whole day.

The chrome 5-star base blends seamlessly with the black mesh fiber presenting you with a majestic sleek look. The high back stands out in any office set up amplified by the curved headrest that cushions you head and neck to the most comfortable position. The nylon T-shaped armrests are long and wide enough allowing your arms to rest comfortably at a natural position.

The dynamic adjustability gives you all necessary options that pertain to comfort and convenience. The list is endless; includes: tilt tension control, tilt-lock mechanism, recliner back, pneumatic height adjustment, synchro-tilt mechanism, adjustable seat pan and the armrests’ height. This is all complemented by the 360-degree swivel as well as the gliding dual caster wheels.

The heavy-duty workmanship guarantee you durability for a long time while still maintaining its functionality and quality. The chair is surely worth every coin which you get to experience right from the easy assembling that takes least of times.

1. All-mesh design.
2. Fully adjustable.
3. High quality materials.

1. Ultra-expensive

10. Herman Miller Embody Chair

The stunning side, back and front view speaks volume of how good this chair is without even sitting on it. The brainchild behind the Embody chair were two gentlemen who came up with a design like no other, one that is meant to take care of your body posture at large.

This is the most advanced ergonomic office chair on all fronts especially with its health-centered design. The Herman Miller researchers actually went a step further to consult physicians, therapists among other professionals ensuring the come up with the most ergonomic chair. The frameless, fine backrest emboldens movement while keeping your spine in a healthful contoured alignment through the Back-fit fine-tuning and assimilated Posture-Fit Support.

The black upholstery rhythmically and harmoniously blends with any environment in which it is set up. The all-black graphite frame and base blend further with the back dual caster wheels making this one of the sleekest chairs ever.  

The fact that it ships fully assembled makes it even more convenient and you should get even more convinced by the 12-year 3-shift warranty. The limitless adjustability features range from the tilt limiter, adjustable seat pan depth and the fully adjustable armrests. Contours to your body, durable, beautiful, you could run out of adjectives describing this stunning chair that you should definitely consider acquiring.

1. Striking look.
2. Durabl
3. Lengthy warranty.
4. Ergonomically designed.

1. Ultra-expensive.

What to look for in choosing the best office or gaming chair.

All the above listed chairs have in one way or another met the below criteria and thus qualify to be our top office or gaming chair.


Pneumatic Height Adjustment

It’s important to have this feature especially for a chair with multiple users. An adjustable height range allows you to set the desired height especially with relation to your interactive workspace.

Adjustable Arm Height

Different chairs have different adjustable capabilities but the adjustable height one is the most important. This helps you rest your arms in the most natural position hence you get to enjoy working or gaming.

Adjustable seat Height

The seat pan should be adjustable to different heights to ensure your legs are comfortably stepping on the floor without straining.

Adjustable Tilt Tension.

A reclining back is a really important feature that allows you to relax at different positions. The angles may vary for office or gaming chairs but the best ones usually come with an auto tension control.

Adjustable Headrest

It’s important to have adequate support for your neck and back at all times thus the need to have a headrest that can be adjusted to match your height.

Standing in front of the chair the chair height along the knee bone

Standing in front of the chair, the chair height along the knee bone

Sitting in a chair the inside of the knee with a 5 cm distance from the front of the chair

Sitting in a chair, the inside of the knee with a 5 cm distance from the front of the chair

The backrest makes no gaps below the back

The backrest makes no gaps below the back

The armrest touches the elbow

The armrest touches the elbow


360° Swivel.

The swivel allows you to access your workspace efficiently while also letting you interact with other people around without having to get off the chair.

Caster Wheels

With relation to movements, the caster wheels allow you to glide across or within a room smoothly hence creating efficiency.



It goes without saying that the leather fabric is more prestigious and durable, it’s usually associated with richness and class.

The ventilated mesh fabric is the other best option as it’s more hygienic. It offers the coolness that is much needed as well as being easier to clean.


Your back needs to be well supported to prevent injuries and strains. A lumbar support is very important in ensuring that your lower back is well supported. An adjustable lumbar support is thus very necessary for any office or gaming chair.

The seat and back should be well padded to ensure comfort throughout the working or gaming chair. The seat pan size as well as the back should be of the appropriate size that allows you to use the chair comfortably.

Overall verdict

Yes, this are the top office and gaming chairs, however there is an element of comparison between the luxurious leather chairs and the ventilated mesh fabric. Looks like gamers love their chairs done in that cushy leather to bring out that extra luxury. Office chairs are flexible and could be either of mesh or leather depending on your preference.

Pros and cons cancel out each other and the jury is yet to be clear. The LSCING series for example, took a bold step in coming up with a gaming chair in a very competitive field. Its entry into the market has been smooth in a dominated industry and it’s up to you to decide which chair you prefer. All the above chairs look to meet tailored needs such as the adjustability, comfort, durability and to some extent the affordability.


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