Top10 Best Drafting Tables 2017 Reviews

Modern times have changed almost everything, the way of living and how to conduct daily operations. However, despite the advanced technology many architects, artists, graphic designers and designer still prefer conducting their designing operation using drafting tables with computers.

The best drafting table must has enough work surface and has adjustable height hence user-friendly.

If your designing work need you to adjust both the height and the angle of the tabletop surface, you will certainly love these tables. You can always get it at your desired height; you will not bend your back while working which leads to unbearable back aches.

Drafting table

Drafting tables are versatile pieces of furniture for artists who spend much of their time bent over their designing work but how can you tell which piece suits you perfectly?

These tables are popularly known for offering people the comfort they require while working and you will be astonished by the huge number of people who cannot work without using one. Unlike a normal desk, a drafting table is a desk whose platform can be angled to your preferred degree.

The selections are contless when it comes to tables. The listed here are certainly the ten best drafting tables. The list should assist you to get started, on your pursuit for getting the right piece.

I recommend you to read our Drafting Board Buying Guide below before making a purchase.

ModelMain Work Surface (Inch)Surface MaterialPriceOur rating
1. Studio Designs 1005038*24Tempered Blue Safety Glass Topmoney icon 14.7/5 (Editor’s Choice)
2. Martin35.5*23.5Melaminemoney icon 1money icon 14.1/5
3. STUDIO DESIGNS 42in Vintage42*30Hard Woodmoney icon 1money icon 1money icon 14.4/5
4. Alvin40*24Melaminemoney icon 1money icon 1money icon 14.2/5
5. Coaster35.5*23.5Glass Topmoney icon 1money icon 1money icon 14.4/5
6. Studio Designs 1005335.5*23.75Glass Topmoney icon 1money icon 14.1/5
7. Safco ProductsLeft side 31.5*19.75
Right side 15.75*19.75
Melamine Topmoney icon 1money icon 1money icon 1money icon 1money icon 14/5
8. Alvin40*25Melamine Topmoney icon 1money icon 1money icon 14.6/5
9. Studio Designs 1322135.25*23.75Melamine Topmoney icon 1money icon 14.1/5
10. Tangkula43.5*23.6Tempered Blue Safety Glass Topmoney icon 1money icon 14.5/5(Cost-effective)

1.Studio Designs 10050 Futura Craft Station—Most Popular

Studio Designs 10050 Futura Craft Station is an amazing muli-functional modern table. It can be used for crafting, drawing and drafting on its huge glass workspace (38’’wide and 24’’ long). Its features are high-quality and enhance creative spirit among designers and artists. All items can work alone or can be assembled to create a working studio.


  • A big pencil drawer
  • Four removable side trays for storing your supplies; It can hold thousand of pencils and pens
  • A 24 pencil ledge that slides up
  • Built from heavy duty steel, the table is durable. It also has four-floor levelers that assure you of stability. It leg extension can be adjusted from 31.5’’ to 37.75’’ while flat. This makes an opportunity to design your work while seated or standing.
  • Silver/blue glass, black/clear glass, black/black and black/white.

2.Martin Ashley art hobby Cheery surface——Easy to Adjust Height

Martin Ashley art hobby Cheery surface has a tilt mechanism that works tremendously. The table top has a dimension of 23.5 inches by 25.5 inches. It also comes with a handsome vinyl padded stool that can handle a lot of weight. Four drawers included are elegant and compact; Ideal for storing erasers, pencils and pens. So to what heights are the drafting table adjusts? This table can go up to 26 inches above your floor and can reach 30’’ above the floor.


  • Difficult to assemble and can take up to a maximum of four hours. This is because its directions are extremely difficult
  • Has many leftover screws which tell a lot about the construction
  • Does not fit all heights

3.STUDIO DESIGNS 42in Vintage Drafting Table ——Wood Lover’s Choose

Studio Designs vintage drafting tables have an antique rustic oak finish and design. This table has plenty working surface that is hardwood made. It has an inbuilt pencil groove. With an overall dimension of 36’’ wide, 24’’ deep and 34.25’’ height, the working space is big enough to hold your documents without moving your supplies around.


  • easy to operate knob that makes sure the table is stable at your preferred angle.
  • The table top can be adjusted from flat up to eighty degrees.
  • Despite its versatility, one thing that has caught users by surprise is the upper right corner that looks like brick wall. However, it can be modified by stain and stand paper.

4.Alvin Drawing Woodgrain——More Drawer Storages

Alvin CM 40-3-WBR Craft Master Drawing Woodgrain provides the ultimate in functionality, convenience, and utility at a reasonable cost. The height adjustable drafting table has been designed to meet your imaginative and innovative needs. It is also deal for use by artists and experts, both kids and adults. The 24 inches by 40 inches cherry woodgrain top has ample working area. It also bends easily to comfortable angles.


  • One-hand tilt mechanism that adjusts horizontally from 0 to 30 degrees
  • A UPS-able carton that packs tabletop and base safely
  • Footrest crossbar that comes with a rubber tread and a leg room of 30 inches
  • Fixed height of 30 inches that uses casters and 29 inches floor glides
  • Easy to assemble
  • Steel built
  • Metallic pencil ledge and a plastic instrument tray for supply storage

5.Coaster Desks Artist Drafting Table——Who doesn’t knows Coaster?

Coaster Desks Artist Drafting Table is a classy furniture to any office. Made of glass and metal, this gray drafting table offers enough workplace for all your designing needs. The tabletop can be bent to suit different needs as you work on floor plans or compose a letter. It is semi-assembled hence easy to use. It also has small cabinet found under the table that provides additional storage for essential office and design supplies such as pencils and pens.

Say goodbye to the working place that only provides functionality. This drafting table has curved legs and a sleek finish that bring contemporary appeal to your space.


  • Steel and glass construction that offer stability
  • The gray blends give your office a sophisticated appearance
  • Contemporary styles
  • 31.5inches H*41inches W*23.75inches D

6.Studio Designs 10053 Vision Craft Station in Silver / Blue Glass

Vision craft station by Studio Design will meet all your needs as an architect, artist or draftsman. It features a huge 35.5 inches wide and 23.75 inches long dimension tempered safety glass workspace. Work surface can adjust from flat to 70 degrees. Its height can also be adjusted from 30 inches to 49 inches. For mobility, the legs are attached to 2 inches four nylon casters. The two also lock hence stability.

It can also stand without wheels. This is because it comes with rubber treads that fasten into the bottom frame keeping it away from the floor. It also allows you adjust the table.


  • Overall dimension of 40.74’’ wide x 27.75’’ deep x 30-49’’ height (full tilt)
  • For storage, it has three plastic molded slide-out drawers found on both the left and the right side 27.75 inches wide and 2 inches deep pencil ledge
  • It has a heavy duty powder coated steel built

7.Safco Products 3965MO Split Level Drafting Table, Height-Adjustable, Medium Oak

Safco products 3965MO Drafting Height Adjustable to have an adjustable tilt workspace. It tilts horizontally from flat to 50 degrees. The attached table top has an adjustable height meant to hold onto your laptop at hand while providing space to your office supplies. The table can also pull down to perform as a flat working area or rose to serve as a standing height station. Height adjustments vary from 26 inches to 37.25 inches.

Another interesting feature is the split-level workstation with a wood grain melamine top and robust steel frame hence ideal for a wide range of users. It can be used by students, architects, designers, and engineers.

Product Dimensions:

  • Overall dimensions of 47.25”W*29.75”D*26-37.25”H
  • 130 pounds Table weight
  • Top shelf of 47.25”*10”
  • Tilt table top: 31.5*19.75”

8.Alvin MM40-4-XB Mini Master Drafting Table

The long-lasting rounded corner drafting table is constructed using sturdy 4-post steel hence durable. It is also one inches increment adjusted height mechanisms.


  • A 24”by 40” cherry or white wood grain table top
  • One-hand tilt mechanism that adjusts board angle up to 30 degrees
  • 2 locking casters and floor glides
  • 23” pencil ledge
  • 1 UPS-able carton
  • In-built 30inches long by 8.5 inches deep storage shelf
  • 5-year warranty

9.Studio Designs Folding Craft Station in Black with White 13221

Studio Designs Folding Station 13221 suits different artist’s needs. It is easy to manage and can be assembled in 5 minutes or folded flat for convenient storage. The table also adjusts to six different angles that vary from 0-35 degrees.

The silver/blue glass choice has a tempered glass top that can be used a light table for tracing purposes.


1. A durable heavy gauge steel frame
2. Four removable side trays
3. A 24 pencil ledge slices
4. Overall dimensions of 40.75”W by 23.75”D by 30.75-44.25”H

10.Tangkula Adjustable Drawing Desk Drafting Table——Extremely budget Friendly

This drafting table has a long-lasting steel base and across fixed style that offers stability. The steel base has a great powder coating that can withstand corrosion for years. It also has an additional shelf below the working surface to securely keep your working surface to securely keep your working tools such as plan, rulers and paper pads at hand. With four removable slide trays, 43.5 inches long,23.6 inches wide and 29.7 heights drafting to provide you the convenience to hold your pencils, pens, and pigments. For easy adjustments, it operates to use an one-hand tilt mechanism.

Tangkula Adjustable Drawing Desk Drafting Table Tempered Glass Top Art comes with a 10-year warranty.


1. Side bins can’t store things permanently
2. One has to lift the table up in order to slide it down

How to Pick the Drafting Tables: A Step-by-Step guide

Drafting tables have several top sizes and vertical adjustments options for your drafting requirements. These tables are very versatile and offer a great level of complexity. They can be used for drawing. Drafting, viewing big documents, craft and painting and general writing. Users need a wide range of movement that only a professional furniture piece can provide.

Step 1: Put your Space into Consideration

Drawing and drafting tables takes a lot of space. If your space is small, consider a fold-a way table or one with a portable drawing board. This is because they are smaller in size and can be stored with ease when not in use.

If you have enough space, go for a pedestal drawing table. It is sturdier than a fold-a way table hence more expensive.

Step 2: Decide what table top size you require

Ensure you pick the right size that fits your needs. Determine the size of the paper you will be using a table top that is on size bigger.

If the table is used for viewing and amending drawings purchase a table that not only allows you to open certain blueprints but also place the whole set on the table. Smaller table tops can make the blueprints hang off on the edge of making it hard to view.

If the table is going to be for drawing and drafting purposes, a bigger surface area will offer more space for your different drafting reference materials.

Although there are different sizes available, standard top sizes are:






Step 3: Determine what style compliments your reference

What drafting table do you love? Do you prefer steel to wooden? Do you like contemporary or traditional?

There are various designs and styles to select from when looking for the best table. However,it is important to pick a design that meets your needs. So promise you exactly know the purpose of the table. For instance, you will discover a stable four post designs is ideal for use in places where things get more disorderly, a home office setting or in school.

Step 4: Accessories

On the other hand, if you searching for a proficient drawing table, remember to choose the right accessories that will complete your workstation. These accessories include:
1. Drawing board cover
2. Storage trays for organizing your supplies
3. Drafting lamp that adds some light
4. Straightedge parallel bar


Final Thought

The best way to pick a drafting table is figuring what you are about use it for and your comfortable setup. Other variables to consider include the size. Finally, keep in mind that comfort is the most important factor.


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