Sealy mattress, the world mattress industry king, the world’s top five-star hotel group preferred brand, dominated the global sales champion for forty years.

Sealy, headquartered in the United States North Carolina, is currently the world’s largest mattress manufacturing company.

Sealy was born in 1881 in Sealy, Texas, and has grown to one of the world’s largest bedding manufacturers and one of the most well-known mattress brands after more than 100 years of development. Every night for more than 80 million pay attention to sleep quality customers bring high quality sleep. Sealy’s position in the mattress industry makes it difficult for competitors to shake, and its strength comes from Sealy’s strong design and manufacturing advantages.

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Sealy the worlds No.1 bed band

Sealy is well known in North America and Europe. National consumer awareness ranks first in the mattress brand, up to 90% (2007 US authority of the household goods publication HFN mattress brand survey), ranked ninth in the household brand (2009 US authoritative household goods publications HFN household goods list), and twice by the United States Fortune magazine (FORTUNEMAGAZINE) named “the nation’s most enviable company brand (AMERICA’S MOST ADMIRED COMPANIES).”

Sealy is one of the most research and development centers in the global mattress industry, with the industry’s most advanced research and testing center.

Sealy and professional research on human skeletal orthopedic orthopedic orthopedic experts and professors to cooperate fully in the brand, since 1949, from the United States Northwestern University, Duke University and other orthopedic professors and silk Lian’s R & D personnel through the R & D Center Laboratory Tens of thousands of hours of testing and adjustment, developed with “sensing and regulation” function of the “beauty sensation” spring. Its magic lies in the special spring structure, according to the sleeping position and weight of intelligent automatic adjustment, in the head and other parts of the foot and other small parts to provide a comfortable and soft support, in the waist and buttocks and other gravity to provide Strong support, to each user to provide “the correct orthopedic orthopedic support”, and comfort and commitment to the perfect combination.

At the same time, Sealy is the preferred mattress brand for many high-end five-star hotels such as Four Seasons, St. Regis, InterContinental, Ritz-Carlton, (Wonderland – Global Luxury Casino Hotel), The Venetian, Le Meridien (Le Meridien / Le Méridien), and so on.


  1. In 1881 the United States, Texas, Texas, the outskirts of the “Sealy” town, a man named Daniel Haynes ginning craftsmen began a cotton pad mattress production.
  2. In 1949, sealy began working with leading orthopedic orthopedic surgeons at the time to develop their products, most notably Dr. Edison, authoritative orthopedic orthopedic surgery and back pain.
  3. In 1950, Sealy launched the first “PostureTech” brand products, became the industry’s only focus on the back of the right to support the mattress brand.
  4. In 1977, Sealy established the US market leadership.
  5. In 1988, Sealy developed a “sensor” feature of the beauty of the sensor spring PostureTech, innovative spring core design and performance.
  6. In the 1990s, Sealy established a global market leadership.
  7. In 2001, Sealy’s breakthrough DSS dual support system significantly improved individual fit and depth support performance. And successively entered Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia and other Asia-Pacific region.
  8. In 2002, Sealy became the only designated mattress brand for the American National Mission of the Salt Lake City Olympic Games.
  9. In 2003, the revolutionary UniCased omnidirectional stable protection structure was born.
  10. In 2004, Sealy became the only designated mattress brand for the American delegation of the Athens Olympic Games.
  11. In 2006, Sealy founded Orthopedic Orthopedic Advisory Committee OAB, the product development test and orthopedic orthopedic scientific research more closely. In the same year on April 7, became a listed company, the official trading in the New York Stock Exchange.
  12. 2007, the world’s top 500 authoritative magazine US “Furniture Today” (Furniture Today) announced Sealy in the North American market annual sales of 1.7 billion US dollars, for 30 consecutive years by the North American sales crown.
  13. In 2008, Sealy set up a branch in Shanghai to conduct business operations in mainland China.
  14. In 2010, one of Sealy’s global standards factories settled in Shanghai Qingpu, incorporating technological innovations for localized products, bringing more and more sleep products suitable for Chinese consumers.
  15. Sealy has become the world’s largest mattress manufacturer, has more than 35 countries and regions in the world production and business. Sealy still insisted that some of the processes were handmade, with sophisticated materials and state-of-the-art technology to bring quality sleep and healthy life to users.

Sealy technical characteristics

PostureTech Coil

Sealy induction spring, can automatically feel the weight and shape of sleepers, according to sleep during sleep changes in body position to make the appropriate adjustments. At the same time, after two high-temperature stereotypes, the spring steel wire elasticity and recovery force has been effectively improved, greatly increased durability.

Dual Support System

Independent stretchable surface can be subtle fit to provide the curvature of the human body support. This independent spring connects the surface, minimizing the movement of the movement, so as to achieve no interference with the sleeping companion.

Miracle Support System

The edge protection is made of solid polyethylene foam, providing support for the edge of the mattress, increasing the sleep area by 10%, even if sitting on the edge is also stable and firm.

—UniCased Construction

Unicased and upgraded version of UniCased XT is another breakthrough in the rival patented technology, can provide overall comfort and support, effectively reduce the interference between sleepers. Consists of two parts: tightening the spring edge and cushioning the floor. Tightening spring is a special mold that handles a durable panel that can fit and lock the internal spring to ensure edge support and overall stability. The buffer floor is a unique groove structure that surrounds the entire mattress. Two parts by heat welding together, making the mattress to be all-round stability protection.

—Comfort Layer

Comfort mats are the key to determining mattress comfort. Silk with wool, silk, natural latex, memory cotton and other high-quality mat and a reasonable arrangement of combinations to ensure that the mattress comfort, and make the surface after prolonged use will not be deformed.

—Pressure ReliefLayer

The special pressure relief layer beneath the comfort layer has two functions: to conform to the structure that requires the release of the pressure site, such as: the shoulders and the knees; the dispersion requires special pressure, such as the lower back, buttocks.

—Shock AbzzorberFoundation

The damping bed frame is used in conjunction with mattresses to slow down the vibration and pressure of the mattress every day. The Torsion Bar twist module at the bottom moves the pressure through the torque arm, thus extending the service life and effect. Grid Top The lattice lock design can evenly distribute the entire surface of gravity, while eliminating noise.


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