IKEA Linnmon Desk Teardown

This is the IKEA Linnmon computer desk table top.

It’s light weight, it’s sturdy and it’s incredibly cheap. But have you ever wondered about the engineering behind the IKEA Linnmon Table?

Well let’s tear one apart and look inside.

Desk Teardown
IKEA Table Top
Table inside

This is what’s inside an Ikea Linnmon Desk Table Top.

One of the most important things I look at when I’m shopping at Ikea are the materials used in a furniture’s construction. For something as simple as a table top for your desk there’s actually quite the spectrum of options each with their own advantages and disadvantages. From the expensive solid wood tops to the inexpensive paper fill top like the Linnmon.

But let’s cut this Linnmon open to get an idea what’s going on inside in the construction. Cutting the top in half you get a better look at the materials used inside. There’s a wood veneer that covers all edges and then filling the inside you have this thin paper material that’s glued in place and held in a honeycomb pattern, and cutting away more of the veneer shows the particle board frame that support the edges of the desk where you would typically mount the legs.

So for this smaller 120cm Linnmon top it basically looks like this inside So why is the material design of these table tops made of this honeycomb paper fill?

Table Inside Strcture

Well first and foremost it makes it cheaper.

Less wood means the material cost is significantly reduced. Less wood also makes top significantly lighter than a solid wood counterpart, and there’s also the environmental benefit to using less wood.

But there are some downsides to the paper fill solution.

While the honeycomb paper fill cell structure is still extremely strong in terms of its compression strength, resistance to bending and punctures isn’t as good as the solid wood counterparts.

Table Struture

So while in the average computer user won’t really have much to worry about, with heavier loads like using a large monitor on an arm you can start to see dents or cracks develop in the wood veneer as you stress it, and they’re more likely to sag in the middle so an extra leg on the longer tops is strongly recommended.

So overall, should these honeycomb paper filled tables be avoided?

Like I said before these solutions have their benefits and at their price point you’re still getting a lot for the money so it’s still a great solution for most people.

Or if you’re really looking for a more rigid and durability solution, Ikea also offers particle board or solid wood options that are quite a bit more expensive but can be worth it in the long run.

But hope you guys enjoyed this one.

You know what to do.


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