One of the easiest ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle is to keep track of your weight and eat a healthy balanced diet in right portions. For most people, all this is a game of chance as they are not able to track their weight regularly due to lack of access to weighing scales.

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        What most people don’t believe is the fact that you can escape this demographic by investing in your own best smart scales.

    Unlike the ordinary scale, the best weighing machine will not just measure your weight, but they can be synchronized with your smartphone to track your weight and other body measurements like bone mass, body fat, and muscle mass, that are crucial in helping you to live healthily.

    With the ability to record, store and send data to compatible devices and apps, you no longer need to worry about remembering how much you weighed last week.

    Nevertheless, how do you choose the best scales from the countless brands in the market? Well, this buyer’s guide will lead you in the right direction towards making the right smart scale investment decision.

    Here are some of the factors that will make a particular smart scale perfect for you.

What to Look for When Buying a Smart Scale

   Smart scales are the fitness vogue in this era. For long, most people thought that they were too costly, but with time, this notion has greatly changed, with more smart scales being more and more affordable by the day.

   With these myriad models, it becomes very challenging to choose just one that will completely take care of your needs. To help you solve this dilemma, here are the most important factors you should consider when purchasing a smart scale.

1. Accuracy and Precision

   The best scale should be able to measure even the most minute weight variations. It helps a great deal if the scale has small increments of measurements. The most accurate smart scales often have measurement increments of 0.2 pounds or even lower.

   In this case, you will be able to know exactly if you are adding or losing weight.

2. High Weight Capacity

   It is essential that any smart weighing scale has a maximum weight limit that can accommodate a wider range of weights. It is no use purchasing the best scale that was meant to weigh kitchen ingredients and expecting it to work as a bathroom scale.

   Most bathroom scales have weight capacities ranging between 300 pounds and 550 pounds. When it comes to smart scales, the average weight capacity should be between 350 pounds and 450 pounds.

3. Multiple Weighing Modes

   Given the different weighing needs and preferences by different users, it has become necessary for body scales to come up with carefully present modes. Depending on your liking, you may choose the best scale that offers multiple weighing modes.

   Some of them will offer ordinary, amateur and professional modes, while some will offer normal, smart feedback, pregnancy, athlete and weight only modes.

4. Compatibility

   Your smart scale’s compatibility will determine how convenient and reliable it is, or how hellish it will make your life.

   The best smart scales are usually compatible with different health apps for iOS, Windows and Android devices. Then it should have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi compatibility for seamless connectivity to your devices.

5. Different Weight Units

   Whether you prefer the Imperial or metric measurement system, you may at one point need to calculate your weight and body measurements in different units.

   This calls for a smart scale that can be switched from pounds to kilograms and vice versa, or even to stones. You have to choose the one you prefer most.

6. Size

   The size of the weighing scale’s platform will determine how easy it is for the user to stand on it. This is particularly important for users with large feet and mobility issues.

   A balance should be considered between the size of the scale and the amount of space available for placement or storage. The optimal size for a bathroom smart scale is 12 inches and above.

7. Visibility of Measurements

   Different weighing machine models offer different display options for reading weight and other measurements or settings. A large backlit display is the most preferred option as it offers better visibility even in dim light or darkness.

8. Memory Capacity

   The availability of memory is the major difference between smart scales and ordinary scales. The best scale you choose should have a large memory capacity, whether internal or cloud-based.

   Since historical data is collected, recorded and stored, if the scale is to be used by different users, then multi-user tracking capabilities are a necessity.

9. Versatile Body Metrics Measurement Capabilities

      As mentioned above, some body scales have capabilities to measure more than your body weight. They can measure your body fat, bone mass, muscle mass and BMI, which are very important in tracking the user’s health.

   The more versatile the smart scale, the better it is. Depending on your budget, you can choose a smart scale that will cater to your needs.

   From user reviews, testimonials and recommendations, there are a number of brands that can never miss from the list of top smart scale models. The Aikoper Bluetooth Body Scale tops this list. Let’s have a look at what this smart scale has in store for its users.

   The Aikoper Digital Scale is a genius combination of beauty and functionality. At just $29.99 on Amazon, the features, functionality, reliability, and convenience offered by this digital bathroom scale is unmatched by most scales of its caliber Featuring advanced technologies, this scale will track, record and analyze your body weight, protein level, BMI, and BMR. Apart from its stylish design, it offers precision in measurements and display.

Features and Specifications:

1. Dimensions: 11.8 by 11.8 by 1.0 inches.

   Standing at 11.8 inches in width, 11.8 inches in length and 1.0 inch in height, you get a slim, sleek and stylish smart scale. As slim as it is, its platform is sizeable enough for users with larger feet, and even those with mobility issues. It is just the perfect size for stepping onto, storage, portability and placement even in the tiniest bathrooms.


2. Weight Capacity: 400 pounds.
   The Aikoper smart scale features a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds or 180 kgs, which is ample for a very wide range of user weights. This ensures that as long as you weigh below 400 pounds, you can use it to measure your weight.

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3. Rechargeable.

   This smart scale runs on a rechargeable battery, thus saving you the money and effort incurred in replacing batteries every now and then. This smart scale can be recharged via a USB cord or USB power supply, which is really convenient.


4. Versatile Body Health Monitor.

   This smart scale is not just a weighing scale, but also a device for measurement of other body measurements. It has the capability to measure 13 body composition data including body weight, BMI and protein composition among others, thanks to its upgraded version.

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5. Multi-User Profile Memory Capacity.

   No matter how many people use this smart scale, it will remember each and every one of them as well as their data. Through its simple advanced fitness app, it stores personal profiles and measurement data of an unlimited number of users.


6. Precision and Durability.

   Featuring high precision sensors, the Aikoper smart scale captures useful data immediately the user steps onto it. Its measurements are in kgs or pounds, which is convenient for different users. It has a weight limit of 400 pounds. Its base is made of ABS plastic while its platform is made of 6 mm strong tempered glass that makes it beautiful and durable.

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7. Fitness App and Bluetooth Compatibility.

   For the sake of remote tracking, this smart scale can be connected to its fitness app via Bluetooth. This app can be downloaded via a Bluetooth connection too. This makes it easier for any data collected by the machine to be transmitted to your phone and tracked remotely, as long as you are within its Bluetooth range.

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    The Smart Bluetooth Scale is the future of fitness and health. Its technology makes it possible to track every important measurement you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    If reliability, convenience, functionality, beauty, and results are what you desire, then go for the Aikoper Bluetooth Smart Scale as it will offer you the entire package.


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