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It wouldn’t make sense to use a $5 mouse or keyboard with a $2,000 PC, right?

One of the dream gadgets for any PC gamer is a suitable mouse. After downloading or getting a new game, the next item on the list of any gamer is usually a mouse that perfectly fits the new game.

A great temptation many of them face is buying a very affordable one and label it as good enough as long as it can move things around or click on items on the gaming interface. Well, a saying goes that anything worth doing is worth doing well, so after spending so much on a new game, you should just take the further step of getting a commensurate mouse, after all, it cannot cost as much as the game itself.

Just to ensure that you have the liberty of making a great choice, we have decided to make a list which could come in handy when you decide to purchase that new mouse that will perfectly aid your gaming experience and make it an unforgettable one.

   One thing to note about gaming mice is that they are not designed with the same capabilities, even though each gamer is most likely to have a preference for the rest.

   There are several gaming mice on the market, each one with its own peculiarities, but when you take a critical look at them or even go ahead to test them, you will realize that not all have the capacity to handle what you require them for.

   A major thing that needs to be considered however is the prices, most people feel that because the price is high then it must be exactly what they need. An expensive mouse does not necessarily mean a perfectly compatible one, the mouse does not have to cost the world to be of great quality.

   For you to claim you have a perfect mouse, it has to have provided you the balance of great pricing with efficient performance, when you consider this it helps you to properly narrow down your options to get you the very best.

   You must also that for different games, different mouse capabilities are needed, for example, you do not expect the mouse used in playing Solitaire to be efficient enough to handle a game with more complexities.

   This article promises to offer you the best advice as to what gaming mouse stands out for an optimal gaming experience. Here is our list.

   For a new game. It possesses a TrueMove 3 optical sensor which was produced in collaboration with mouse optic giants, Pixart, this property makes it almost impossible for any other gaming mouse on the market to compete with it. Featuring flawless dexterity, the mouse provides an unparalleled real-world sensitivity experience, it actually makes playing games an act of blissful leisure.

   Asides the above mentioned, another advantage of this mouse is that it has a very comfortable surface for both palm and claw grips. Two issues, though seemingly little, stand out as disadvantages, it lacks a braided cable as part of its components and it lacks sensor calibration support.

Asides these, it is flawless, designed with its own CPU. The mouse goes for just $59 which almost like a giveaway when you consider all the functionalities attached. It is seen as the perfect mouse for gamers who are just beginning to take gaming as a hobby, they are sure to have an awesome gaming experience which will help them rise fast in the trade.

2. Logitech G903 – Best Wireless Mouse for Gaming

   Logitech G903. So far, this is widely viewed as Logitech’s best contribution the gaming mice world. Before I continue, I must state here that to enjoy the full advantages of this product, you will have to buy along with it the expensive charging mouse pad. Since last year when its predecessor Logitech G900 was first introduced to the market, it reigned as the undisputed king of wireless gaming mice till the new version, G903 was introduced.

 Though the upgrade is viewed as a little premature, the new functionalities added to the G903 is bound to solve one of the most annoying problems of gaming the world over. The new device has the ability to draw power from its charging PowerPlay mouse pad, keeping the gamer enjoying the gaming experience for as long as possible. To enjoy this device, you should be ready to part with about $149, a price that could draw some water from your eyes, but when you consider the functionalities, you will agree with me that it is worth every cent spent. The design is definitely an upgrade to that of the G900 with a better color scheme, though we all still wish the soft touch coating which gave our ring finger a good resting spot was not removed.

   With beautiful curves and a long body, which fits for almost any hand size, you can say that the mouse was designed with the comfort of the user in mind. With the wireless charging PowerPlay mouse pad, the mouse can charge its internal batteries while powering its operation simultaneously.

   Though the mouse is wireless, it works as seamlessly as a wired one, which you sure agree with me is no small achievement on the part of Logitech. With all these functions, most people still believe that the price of the mouse a bit too high and should it be cheaper, it would have been the king of all gaming mice.

3. ASUS ROG Gladius II – Best MMO Gaming Mouse

   Asus ROG Gladius II. This mouse has maintained the reputation of the company for providing desirable and Brilliant gaming peripherals.

   The Asus Republic of Gamers (ROG) brand has been known over the years to produce quality gaming devices for serious minded gamers and the new mouse is set to carry on the tradition. Every gamer desires a mouse that will not just be eye catchy but also have capabilities of putting them right on top of their game.

   This is exactly what this device was designed for as it is packed with impressive features to ensure it achieves just that. Some of the major features include the advanced 12000 DPI optical sensor, a 50g acceleration and a 1000Hz USB polling rate, making it a very accurate and equally fast mouse. The price of the mouse is considered by most to be rather expensive as it costs $98, higher than most mice of the same class.

   The design seems a bit balanced as some deficient attributes are made of for in others, which are somewhat in excess. Though not possessing so many buttons like most gaming mice do, it proves to be quite the perfect addition to your gaming desk.

   Overall, the design of the mouse is quite subtle, making it carry on the tradition of the Republic of Gamers beautiful set of devices, it is also light enough to whisk around for firefight and at the same very comfortable to hold and use.

   When spending the kind of amount spent on this device, you expect top performance, anyways, you should not be disappointed as the device is very fast and efficient to response while playing.

   Testing across several genres of PC games saw the device perform flawlessly even though it lacks some features that come with other gaming mice like the swappable weights and extra buttons.

   Corsair Glaive RGB. Though this device is seen as a keen comepetitor with most others on the market, it has been viewed as slight disappointment when it comes to Corsair’s history of gaming mice. Every gamer can testify that Corsair is a brand to reckon with when it comes to gaming peripherals, ranging from RAM to keyboards, PC cases, and more.

    However, somehow the company has still struggled to product a correspondingly top notch mouse. This wired mouse, the Glaive RGB, is seen to be costlier than other mice of its category, going for $69 while the others average $49. Regardless, the mouse has a few stand out features which could make this pardonable.

    It still has one of the most sensible optical sensors on the market as well as interchangeable thumb grips. Asides these, the Glaive RGB seems not have improved on past mice inventions of Corsair In design, the mouse is quite big, with dimensions 3.6 x 4.95 x 1.75 inches, no one should have a complain about this except they have really huge hands. 

   The size ensures that it is quite easy to handle and manipulate during games. The mouse is also entirely coated on the surface with soft touch paint, making it a delight to hold and maneuver It also comes with interchangeable magnetic grips which could ensure that the mouse has a considerably long life span.

    The standout feature of the Glaive mouse is the Pixart 3367 sensor, which is one of the most recent optical sensors on the market. It also comes with a tunable sensor which you could adjust, just in case you do not have a mouse pad around at the moment.

   Overall, the mouse is a great device for gaming, especially for gamers with considerably large hands, it proves to be one of the most comfortable and sensitive on the market even though a huge turnoff is the plasticky body and the high price.

   Creative Sound BlasterX Siege K04. The best description for this device is that it is a precise pointing devices which addresses virtually all of the gamer’s essentialities without having to resort to totally ambiguous features.

    This device on the overall has less than a handful of faults and so many advantages for any gamer who intends to take his trade more seriously.


The device possesses the Aurora lighting tech, the use of Omron switches and the feature customization tool, in fact, it is an assault on the already highly competitive market. When one beholds this device, what you see is poise, everything about the design just seems altogether worthy of praise and applause. The beauty is not just in the looks but in the ease of use, with seven buttons fixed around the mouse and rubber side panels which allow for ease of handling, the device is almost flawless.

   The only let down with this highly customizable device is that you cannot customize to suit different games, which make it a bit difficult to play across a range of game genres. The Siege K04 has a massive DPI range, it owes this to the use of the embedded PixArt PMW3360 sensor This makes the mouse way above its peers in terms of sensitivity and performance.

   The mouse possesses a LED lighting system which can be customized to suit different games. There are several options for creating custom light effects. Several people liked the mouse because it allows for extended gaming sessions and though it has great strong points, they believe it is too expensive for its functions and design.

6. Razer DeathAdder Elite

   This model has tested to be super reactive, this owes largely to the new eSports-grade sensor, it also features the right hand ergonomical design that its predecessors had. 116.8 million color options available is definitely very comfortable to the grip even though it misses out on the more advanced features exhibited by most gaming mice of recent times.

 It possesses an RGB customizable light which has through the Razer synapse application. It lacks a free spinning wheel and the design as viewed by many is all too familiar The price is affordable but many agree that Razer should have put in far more effort into the design of the gaming mice. Regardless of this, it is still a great mouse for gamers, especially beginners.

   This is definitely the ultimate wireless gaming mouse as the company has successfully been able to beat down its polling rate to 1 millisecond on a 2.4GHz connection, wizardry you may say. The mouse has a DPI rating of 12,000, which is the average for most highly sensitive mice on the market. With this the gamer can rest assured that the mouse if adequately prepared for just about any game that needs to be played. Ambidextrous in design, the mouse is comfortable for just about anyone, right or left handed, while providing extreme ease in manipulation during game play. It has an unbelievable thirty hour battery life alongside a customizable RGB lighting and removable side buttons.

   If you are looking for a mouse that is within budget range, then this is exactly the mouse you need. The Corsair Harpoon possesses a graspable leather texture down the left side of the mouse, using it is similar to the comfort derived from slipping into a car with comfortable upholstery.

 Also on this mouse is a center DPI switch as well as forward and backward buttons required to play any game across several genres. It has six programmable buttons, onboard memory to save DPI settings, a DPI rating of 6,000, RGB lighting and an average size, perfect for almost any hand. The only challenge with this device is that it has a fiddly software, but this is forgivable seeing the mouse comes at a very affordable price for the functions it already portrays.



   In all sincerity, trying to pick out the best gaming device for the year is no simple task, not even if you decide to follow user ratings and customer reviews. There are a lot of extremely confusing words and technical specifications used as parameters in describing gaming mice, the truth is that most of them are just ambiguous jargons, like the DPI ratings and polling rates.

   Regardless of the superfluity of most of these technical terms, it is advised that the higher they are, the better, by the way that is not even something to advise because mostly humans will go for higher numbers except otherwise advised.

   You must note however, that there is a blistering difference between the DPI rating and the polling rate of a mouse, most long time pro gamers should know this. For beginners here is it, DPI is an acronym for “dots per inch” and this affects your mouse in that, the higher it is the more sensitive your mouse is likely to be with relation to the range available.

   It therefore goes to say that if you have a small gaming space, for example a small table, you should search for a mouse with high DPI ratings, especially if you are keen on precision and accuracy. In case you did not know, even if you get a mouse with a high DPI rating, you can adjust it to reduce the sensitivity depending on your preference and what task the mouse is required to perform.


   On the hand, the polling rate talks about the response times. The higher the polling rate of a mouse, the faster the response of the mouse. The polling rate is usually measured in hertz and it ranges between 125 to 1,000Hz. I am sure this is a bit ambiguous to understand, let me break down a little here, the rate is the number of times your mouse’s position is reported to your computer per second.

   If the ratings is say 1,000Hz, it means that the position of your mouse will be reported to your computer a thousand times per second. It goes to say that if you are in need of fast response, you should search for a mouse with a high polling rate. Another factor to consider is the ergonomics of the mouse, this is important mostly if you are left handed, you must be sure the mouse was designed to suit your own capacity. This will go a long way to ensure that you enjoy your gaming experience.

   In conclusion, I believe this list has helped you effectively to narrow your options so you can comfortably pick from these which one best suits your purposes.

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