If you have ever found yourself operating a computer for long hours, then, it’s definite that you understand how essential choosing the right computer desk is.

After completion of my university program. I was employed by one of the major companies in the city. It is at this point when I found myself working on the computer for 8 hours in a day.

At first, I found the job tiresome. This has something I expected considering that I had not gotten used to the job. Later on, I came to understand that it was not all about getting used to the job; computer desks we were using were not good enough. Being the procurement officer of the organization. I had to do what I do best; conduct a thorough and extensive research to come up with the best computer desks for our organization.

best computer desks

As aforesaid, one thing about me is that am always perfect when it comes to research. Choosing the right computer desks is never an easy task.

Though the bazillion models in the market give the customers the freedom of choice, it should not be forgotten that the so many models pose a great challenge to the customers; sifting through every single option in order to knock off the cheap ones remains a daunting affair.

But believe me, I was able to unravel the best ones from the group. Let’s take a look;

Top10 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs

1. Flash Furniture

Things made of glass always seem classy to me. Well, that is the nature of most human beings. When it comes to this computer desk, it is not just the material, but also the comfort. Having been made with a glass material, this computer desk features a black pull-out keyboard that is placed slightly below the desktop to provide comfort to the user. This enables the user to operate the computer for as long as he/she wants without straining the wrist.

Besides, the clear tempered glass top is scratch resistant for maximum durability. The black powder coated frame finish provides the outstanding book on the desk making it fit for both home and office use.


The legs feature a Criss Cross Chery finished the design for maximum durability and stability.

The glass material is scratch resistant accounting for its durability. Features a unique design that makes it among the most preferred desktop on the market.


It is not easy to assemble; it’s may take some of your time.

2. Ameriwood Home 

Before I moved to my own apartment, I used to stay at my parent’s house. At this time, I used to work as a freelancer during the long vacations. My dad, seeing how I was determined on the work, and how I struggled to hold my laptop on my laps, decided to buy me this desk to make my work more fun. Being a loving dad, there was one thing that I was sure about; he could never get something cheap for his only son. And for sure. I could now enjoy the freelancing work for longer hours.

Having been made with a sturdy material, this computer desk features a large desk top surface that provided me with enough space to hold my other essential tools. Besides, the two open on the side provided a perfect home for my books. Featuring an l-sized design, placing it at the corner made it look like a real workstation.


two open shelves make access easier and faster. The L-Shape makes it great for multitasking. It is highly durable


The installation is a little demanding.

3. Tribesigns Computer Desk

One thing about me is because I love making friends. In fact, most of the times when not at work you will find me having great moments with my friends. I once paid a visit to my friend’s office; not to have great moments this time, but to discuss some essential business. It is at this point when I got introduced to this type of computer desk. Having been attracted by the color and design, as usual, I couldn’t hold inquiring more about the desk. Having been impressed by the service of the desk, he could not hesitate giving it the “deserved” praises.

Being an l-shaped desk, he had preferred placing it at one of his office corners. He attested that the desk provided him with much space for operating. Besides, unlike other desks, he praised this of having and excellent stability that ensured his comfort and the safety of his computer.Considering the design of the desk, it can be used both at home or in the office by all ages.


It features great stability that offers safety to the computer. It is spacious to provide ample working space. It is made from environmentally friendly materials.


It’s a bit costly.

4. Z-Line Design 

When you talk about quality, design, and comfort. Z-Line Design Cyrus Workstation has the best part of all these. It comes in a cherry finish with black accents that gives it the outstanding look. This also gives it the versatility when it comes to pairing with office and home decor.

Moreover, clear tempered glass has a black border for users safety. For maximum comfort. It comes with a pull-out tray that holds the keyboard in an ideal position. You can now work on your desktop for as long as you wish!


It has wheels that allow for comfortable movement. It is a very well-built desk when compared to the quality, the price is great.


Some customers complain that the color starts to peel off after some time.

5. Tribesign Home Office Desk

This was one of the amazing desks to have ever come across in the market. Being not only the highly rated but also among the widely preferred. I learned that all this was not actually for nothing. Featuring metallic legs and adjustable leg pads, when it comes to stability, it does not disappoint, in fact, it remains stable even on an uneven floor.

Besides, being 23.6”wide, it provides enough space for a computer and other essential office equipment. What attracted me most is the sturdiness of the construction; the desktop is made of 0.98”thick MDF material. But wait, you don’t have to worry about scratches as it is and scratch.

When it comes to assembling. It is easier than ever before; you only need less than 15 minutes to do that. Having been made with versatility in mind, it is not only perfect for office use but also for home use.


It is not difficult to assemble. In fact, you don’t need tools for that.

It has a smooth surface that is favorable to work on.

Sturdy construction accounts for its durability.


Not among the cheapest in terms of price. However, wait, remember that cheap is expensive.

6. Z-Line  Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk

Since the first time, I found myself unaccompanied to the market, I have always prioritized design when making a purchase. When I went to look for my perfect home l shaped desk, the case was no different. Therefore, as usual, I found myself setting for this type of computer desk. Anyway, I know the design is one of the essential factors to consider when purchasing a computer desk, but this is not just about the design, but it possesses other friendly features too.

This desktop has a roomy workspace to make my computer operation easier. Besides, the raised monitor shelf allows for a comfortable view while the pull-out keyboard tray holds the keyboard and mouse in the perfect position for easy operation. For maximum strength and durability, it features reinforced plates on the welding joints. Being L-Shaped, I found placing it at the corner as a perfect decision.


It is affordable when compared to other computer desks in its category. The design is great. Actually, this was my primary reason as to why I made the purchase. It is simple to set-up when compared to other computer desks made of glass.


When in the box, it is a bit heavy; you have to handle it with much care.

7. Origami Computer Desk

When you visit me in my office, this is the kind of pc computer desk you will get. Do you know why? Well, it is the best gaming computer desk out there. But this may not be the only reason; considering that my office space is limited, I had to consider the size of the desk on the top of the quality.

With the ability to open and fold in seconds, this amazing desk provides me with amazing service when still but also makes it versatile enough to also be used in homes where space is limited. When it comes to assembling, it is easy and fast with no special tools required.


It is easy to transport as it easily folds. I have used this desk for four years now, yet looks new and works.


It came damaged at the corner. Though it was a simple scratch.

8. Atlantic PC Gaming Desk

One thing about my son is that he loves playing computer games. Most of his leisure time you will find him busy with the computer and the gamepads. Considering the love I have for him, I had to find a way to make him comfortable during this amazing moments. I was therefore forced to get this type of computer desk.

Featuring a steel-rod construction, this high-quality computer desk comes with cable management system that keeps the cords organized for his safety. Besides, the silver metallic steel and carbon fiber finish give the desk an outstanding look that pairs almost any decor.

Having been designed with gaming in mind, it includes a charging station, storage drawer. Headphone hook, cup holder, rear-power strip among other friendly features.


It is solid.

It is space efficient.

It allows for easy customization of parts.


It may be small. However, it will hold all the gaming essentials well organized.

9. Prepac Wall-Mounted Floating Desk

Sometimes space is limited especially when you are living in a rented house. Does that mean that you can’t get a wooden desk? That’s definitely a No. For those with limited space, Prepac has something for you; this great desk allows for wall mounting for space efficiency. Mount the computer desk at the perfect height for you and enjoy working with your computer. For the organization, it features Cable and wire management system.

For holding speakers or other essential elements such as books, it has side compartments with two removable shelves. The mounting nature of this computer desk makes it ideal to be used at home and cyber cafes.


For those who like fashionable things, like me, this should be our perfect choice. It is space efficient considering that does not take floor space. It provides enough space to hold other essentials.


It is not perfect for office use.

10. Walker Edison Soreno 3-Peace Corner Desk

Scooping the top position is this high-quality computer desk. Most people like furniture made by Walker Edison Furniture Company. Well, that can be understood because customers will always go for goods by the best manufacturer on the market. Being the best computer desk on the market, it is not only highly preferred but also a highly rated computer desk across the board. So, what makes it a unique computer desk?

Definitely, the secret is in the features. Let us dig in.

Featuring a simple design, this computer desk is crafted from beveled tempered safety glass. For durability, this amazing computer desk has steel legs that are powder-coated. The CPU stand provides it with safe storage while the keyboard tray holds the keyboard at the ideal position during and after the operation. When it comes to working space, it is abundant.


Has everything you need to make a great set up.

Space is large enough to accommodate several equipments. Actually, some people use it for musical equipment setup. Simple yet a comfortable design.


May not be ideal for homes or offices with limited space.

Wrapping-It-Up The fact remains that computer desks are very essential. They provide us with the comfort we need when operating computers whether at home, school or at the workplace. However, not all computer desks will offer the kind of service we are after. For this reason, we should be careful when selecting the right computer desks for us. To avoid disappointment, ensure that you grab one of the reviewed computer desks above.


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