Tempur-Pedic International, Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of mattresses and pillows, specializing in viscoelastic foam, originally developed by NASA to relieve the pressure on astronauts and pilots. And headquartered in Coldstream Research Campus, Lexington, Kentucky, USA.

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Brand Introduction

Tempur has been tested for 10 years and 23,000 tests at Gothenburg Lillhagen Hospital in Sweden, confirming that this material mattress prevents bending of the spine and makes the blood circulation better and reduces the number of turns.

The pillow is designed with the perfect technology of mechanics, art and ergonomics. The special curvature of the neck pillow and the different heights of the sides can be freely adjusted with each other’s neck height and curvature, and can fully and fully support the cervical vertebrae Sleep.

Brand History

Tempur mattresses and pillows as the pioneer of the biggest breakthrough in sleep technology has a history of 75 years, the most important role of a mattress is to provide the body with the support she does not cause any pressure, plus the correct pillow to the neck with the right support.

Tempur mattress and pillow function is here. They provide complete support for the body and neck by allowing the spine and joints to rest in their natural state of mind. Your weight is evenly distributed to the TEMPUR mattress and pillow, completely releasing the pressure and enjoying an unprecedented weightlessness.

Associated with NASA

I believe everyone on the brand of Tepper is well known that it is associated with NASA, how is this possible?

In the early 1970s, NASA developed a pressure-absorbing material in order to reduce the tremendous pressure on astronauts off the ground. This material is extremely sensitive to temperature and can distribute body weight evenly.

In the 1980s, NASA disclosed this material to the public.

Another group of scientists, from the upcoming merger of the Swedish company Fagerdala and Denmark Dan-Foam company, they are in the United States NASA invention to continue to develop. Spent nearly a decade, spent millions of dollars in research funding, and ultimately the space technology into TEMPUR materials, and used in mattress products.

Better sleep quality brought to the world in 1991 TEMPUR Teppel products officially launched to the public, immediately succeeded.

Today, more than 76 countries around the world because of TEMPUR’s unique excellent support and comfort of the brand favor a plus. In order to meet the growing demand, TEMPUR Teppel in 2001 expanded to North America, Dufeld, Virginia, the United States to establish a research and development and engineering technology center in the United States, New York, Albuquerque City, established a manufacturing plant.

At the same time, research and development centers and factories in Denmark have been expanding for several years to meet the growing demand for TEMPUR’s products worldwide.

Quality Sleep

There are constantly new and improved products added to the TEMPUR mattress and pillow series. As part of the product improvement, in order to make the mattress perfect fit for each body, TEMPUR introduced four mattress series to bring four different sensations:


2. TEMPUR-Contour™ Collection: FIRM AND CONTOURING


4. TEMPUR-Breeze® Mattresses: COOLER COMFORT

These series in the provision of TEMPUR material the most classic comfort at the same time, designed to meet the individual’s sleep preferences and design. Tipur continues to expand the range of products, including a variety of bed frames, bed frames and bedding products to meet the choice.


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