Serta mattress, since its inception has been to “create the world’s first-class mattress” for the mission, intended for each sleepers to provide the perfect sleep. In the continuous innovation of technology, with a number of industry patents, serta has been leading the US mattress technology innovation and development.

In the US, serta not only become one of the three best-selling brands in the mattress market, but also the world’s largest mattress manufacturer.

Serta sheep


  1. In 1931, 13 exclusive independent mattress manufacturers formed Sleeper Inc. (Sleeper Co., Ltd.)
  2. In 1932, the first Perfect Sleeper mattress was officially produced.
  3. In 1940, Serta-Sleeper Associates (Serta-Sleeping Company changed its name to Serta Associates), which was officially named Serta Inc. (Serta Co., Ltd.)
  4. In 1955, serta in the national television programs such as Bob Hope Show and The Tonight Show in the launch of television advertising.
  5. In 1980, serta business extended to Mexico, Puerto Rico, Australia and Japan, and actively develop overseas markets.
  6. In 1983, serta in the flagship product Perfect Sleeper launched in the revolutionary Continuous Support Innerspring “continuous spring system”, and become the first “wavy sponge” mattress brand
  7. In 1992, serta launched its patented design of Comfort Quilt, “Shu soft quilted layer
  8. In 1993, serta (We made the world’s first-class mattress) slogan launched on television advertising, access to unprecedented success.
  9. In 1996, serta issued a Perimeter Edge edge of the rattan reinforcement sponge, and in the flagship product Perfect Sleeper use.
  10. In 1997, the US market research institutions NPD Group will be serta as “the United States sold the second bed of bedding” and “three well-known furniture brand”.
  11. In 2000, with 800 springs and four-story wooden frame of the new American serta Perfect Night series officially launched, creating a number of mattress technology “first”.
  12. In 2003, serta became the first to launch anti-fire-resistant mattresses of the well-known brands.
  13. In 2005, serta launched Perfect Day’s new series, designed for women who are busy living.
  14. In 2006, serta and the world’s attention to the luxury design master Vera Wang (Vera Wang) jointly launched Vera Wang by Serta new series.
  15. In 2009, serta acquisition mattress industry giant Simmons, becoming the world’s largest mattress manufacturers and vendors.
  16. In 2010, serta and the United States well-known entrepreneurs, real estate rich and host Mr. Tuopu launched a total of Trump Home new series.
  17. In 2011, serta launched a high-tech sleep series iComfort series, once launched swept the world.
  18. In 2011, serta launched the Hotel at home series, so that the top of the hotel’s professional, luxury sleep into the ordinary people.
  19. 2012, serta global sales No.1.
  20. So far, serta marketing the world for 80 years, 59 countries in the world with 62 bed factory, a world-class perfect sleep model representative.

Global Core Technology

  1. Mira-coil Continuous Support Innerspring —– easy to solve the three major problems, give you the best balance of support
  2. Comfort Quilt —– to reduce physical stress, effectively avoid too much stand up, give you a more stable sleep
  3. Perimeter Edge —— Strengthen the four sides of the mattress, reduce the bed subsidence
  4. Semi-Flex ——- network structure, light, breathable, to provide a good mattress support and absorb vibration, easy handling and daily care.

Global Ranking

The world’s mattress industry is the most developed in the United States, which includes the world’s top three mattress brand, one of which is Serta, why the American mattress industry so powerful?

On the one hand, because the United States has been fighting for 300 years without a war, it provides a good environment for industrial development, especially in the late 19th century to the middle of the 20th century, most countries in the world have experienced the first world war, the second World War, but the United States did not, which for the development of mattress provides a convenient condition, so during that period the rapid development of the American mattress industry to Simmons as the representative of the American brand mattress soon became the world mattress Of the benchmark.

On the other hand, due to the highly developed US economy, people’s quality of life improved, the demand for mattresses are getting higher and higher, which stimulated the US mattress market prosperity and development, it is reported that the United States is the world’s most frequent replacement of mattresses.

According to the United States the most authoritative furniture Weekly “HFN” survey, Serta is the world’s second largest mattress brand.


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