Choosing the right headboard can be as tricky as deciding the perfect bed. There are numerous types available now. You could have the comfortable upholstered ones or the sleek leather ones. There are some which are very high and some that is rather short.

In fact, the challenges of deciding on the right one are many.

And most importantly, if you are looking for a best headboard under $200, it means that you have to make a calculated call on options that can combine value, design, material, size and budget altogether. We decided to make the task a bit easier with our list of the Top 10 headboards for you.

best headboards
ModelColourMaterial PriceOur rating
1. ZinusColorfulFoam paddedmoney icon 14.6/5
2. ModwayColorfulFoam paddedmoney icon 1money icon 14.7/5(Editor’s Choice)
3. ForemostColorful Natural linenmoney icon 14.1/5
4. Baxton StudioBlack/WhiteWhite faux leathermoney icon 1money icon24.4/5
5. PrepacBlack/WhiteHigh quality laminated composite woodsmoney icon 1money icon 1money icon 14.7/5(Editor’s Choice)
6. VANTColorfulFaux leathermoney icon 1money icon 1money icon 14.5/5
7. PulaskiColorfulLinenmoney icon 1money icon 1money icon24/5
8. Wholesale InteriorsColorfulLinenmoney icon 1money icon 1money icon24.1/5
9. SauderCoffee OakEngineered woodmoney icon 1money icon 1money icon 14.4/5
10. Furniture of AmericaColorfulLinenmoney icon 1money icon24.5/5

1. Zinus -Classic Styling

As the name indicates this one is a metal headboard with upholstered portions. As a result, when you rest against this one, you don’t feel the uncomfortable metal but the soft snug comfort of the foam. Yes, this headboard is foam padded and as a result easily takes on the shape of your head, providing maximum comfort.

The grey color ensures that it goes very well with a wide range of bedroom decor. This also gives the entire headboard a chic and classy look. It is accessible to both full/queen beds.

The 5-year warranty makes this a rather lucrative deal. Priced around $62, it is affordable and comfortable and one of the most popular options. On an average, this product has a 4.5ratings reflecting a high degree of customer satisfaction. User reviews also indicate that it is not difficult to assemble and rather hassle free in terms of maintenance.

Almost 75$ of the buyers on Amazon agree that it was a value for money deal and highly recommend it to other buyers. Chic, classy, contemporary, it sure adds a new dimension to your bedroom decor.

2. Modway -Elegant Tufted Button

There is something about the gray headboard. They can easily match with most home decors and color compositions. Even if you are changing your house or redoing the decor, the headboard can still work brilliantly.

This classy gray one is no exception. Elegant and trendy, this tufted headboard is specially created for queen size beds. The buttons are deep set in it and fine polyester gives a very neat look to the entire setup. The frame is composed of plywood and fibre board making it rather durable and sturdy.

In fact, in many ways, it is a modern interpretation of a mid-century style. You can also customise the color to fit your decor. The flowing contours, the contemporary touch, and the lightweight feel makes it one of the most striking headboards for your bedroom or even a guest room.

With a 4.6 ratings and a price tag close to $108, this is one of the best under options in under $200 range. It is very simple to assemble and convenient for users. It gives your room a rich look at the depth of its design and a value buy.

Modway Annabel Queen Upholstered Linen Headboard

3. Foremost -Arbitrary Assembly

If you want to add a touch of elegance and understated style, nothing can work as beautifully as this headboard. It is upholstered and decorative with a very durable core. You can easily mount it to your walls using 3M stickers. This is particularly advantageous as you paint won’t peel off as a result.

The trendy fabric gives it a rather contemporary look and you can easily fit this headboard with any type of room decor. The panels provide a classy undertone of elegance coupled with a gorgeous look.

At $170, it is a steal given the durability and elegance it promises. On an average, this one has a 4 ratings. Some reviewers have raised a question about the quality of the glue the company provides. However, that seems to be dependent on the wall type. On an average, the glue sticks pretty well and natural linen combines style with comfort rather easily.

Depending on the size of your bed, you can choose the layout design that best suits the overall fit. A highly recommended product, this works beautifully in place of a corner headboard stand. You also have the option to shift it around, depending on your need.

Foremost Headboard

4. Baxton Studio Crystal button-tufted

Specially made for queen size beds, this one is made of faux leather. It has a rubber wood frame with foam padding all round. It is fairly simple to assemble and provides a comfortable alternative to hard uncomfortable supports attached to your bed.

The crystal buttons are tufted deep and make sure that you cannot ignore this headboard. In fact, if you are planning to jazz up your bedroom, this could be the ideal solution for it.

The pre-drilled holes allow you to adjust the height as per your convenience. Done in Malaysia, it is rather lightweight variant with the promise of maximum comfort along with the style.

With a 4.5 ratings, it is undeniably one of the best bargains in the under $200 space. Most reviewers were delighted with the instruction available to set it up. The combination of ease with great looks has been the other key reason for its immense popularity.

After all, we all want to do our bedrooms stylish and trendy but often the expenses involved becomes a worry. However, with this bargain buys, you can effortlessly flaunt designer looks even within a budget.

Baxton Studio Wholesale Interiors Dalini Headboard

5. Prepac Stylish and Functional

Black’s never out of fashion. Whether you are buying a cocktail dress or your headboard, the subtle charm of black is difficult to surpass. In many ways, it is functional, classy with a quaint charm that is hard to ignore. it is made of laminated composite wood which is both stylish and sturdy.

The high-quality composition of the wood also ensures that this headboard looks plush wherever you might place it. If it is on your guest room, be prepared to answer all your guest’s query as well.

It is designed in a way that this can fit a queen size bed or a twin bed quite easily. However, it needs assembling and most customers appear to be unhappy with the fitting. The company has been unable to satisfy consumers in terms of providing the relevant parts for assembly.

Moreover, transportation appears to be a worry point with this headboard. Various reviewers have complained of receiving chipped parts and messy instructions. The actual finish of the headboard is debatable as well.

Though the company promises polished MDF top and moldings, some of the reviews are not that encouraging.

However, with a 4 ratings and a $113 price tag, it is quite a bargain. You have to draw attention to the details and fine print and ensure you get the best quality.

Prepac Bookcase Headboard

6. VANT -Multi-Color Match

More of wall panels, these come in packs of 4. Depending on the size of your bed and the area that you want to encompass, you can decide on the number of panels.

These headboard panels are composed of suede and are available in a wide range of colors. This ensures that you can match the headboard to overall decor in your room. In fact, if you are redoing your home decor or changing houses, these panels can be extremely flexible options as well.

Installation of these panels is also rather simple. The company has introduced a new Simple Mount TM Patent Pending system that allows you to finish the installation without too much of a hassle.

Apart from the range of colors, these panels are also available in five different finish including:Suede, Vintage, Leather, Metallic and Cotton Weaves.

That means you can experiment with textures and fabrics to get the most unusual and attention grabbing look in your bedroom. The product has got a 4.4 ratings. At $169, it is a bargain purchase. The elegance and the color of the panel were what impressed most users.

VANT Upholstered Headboards

7. Pulaski -Sleek and Contemporary Design

If you have a King size bed, this padded and tufted headboard could perhaps be one of the most appropriate companions. Upholstered linen like fabric is both easy to maintain, convenient to clean and soft on your head. It provides maximum comfort with minimum hassles.

Don’t be just fooled by its padded soft texture. It is another extremely durable alternative. It is under a classic design with contemporary tweakings. That turns it into one of the best alternatives for your bedroom.

In terms of its finish and feel, it could compete quite easily with voluminous vintage offerings of similar design.

Unless you are a pro, it is difficult to make out the difference that easily.

With a 4.6 ratings, most reviewers are rather satisfied with the product. They feel that perhaps the only problem sees this headboard is not as white as they advertise. It is more gray than white in the overall feel.

At $167, it is priced quite reasonably and helps you experience superior style within a budget.

Pulaski Shelter Button Tufted Upholstered Headboard

8. Wholesale Interiors -Look Great

If you have read this header, there is hardly anything more to account for. This scalloped headboard is ideal for queen size beds. It has adjustable legs with pre-drilled holes. The button tufting design gives it a classy comfortable feel. It invariably makes a rather conspicuous statement in your home decor skills.

Black in color, this headboard easily fits into most home decor themes. In fact, this headboard works best with most Leggett and Platt bed frames. The faux leather makes maintenance also rather modest. You can quite easily clean these with a damp cloth.

Lightweight, comfortable and easy to assemble, this headboard has got an average rating of 4.1. However, it is quite sturdy and can hardly feel like the $126 it costs. In fact, in the under $200 range, it is part of the best options in terms of look and comfort.

However, some reviewers have mentioned that the company missed out on the necessary hardware for assembling it in their package. While it can be a one off case, it is good to pay attention to these details.

Baxton Studio Wholesale Interiors Dalini Headboard 1

9. Sauder -Wood Lovers

One of the leading trends in home decor is all about reinventing the earthy elegance of our past. If that is the issue that you are working with, this could be the ideal headboard for your bedroom.

Slightly heavy built, it has a warm and rustic charm. It invariably lends a vintage glow to your bedroom. The subtle fragrance of the coffee oak paired with the rough polish makes it a rather imposing center piece in your bedroom and ideal for queen size beds.

Despite the heavyweight, assembling this headboard is not rocket science at all. The pre-drilled holes make adjustments rather easily. However, if you have a little or cramped bedroom, this is not the ideal alternative for you. It is best suited for rooms which are large and spacious and have ample of unoccupied space. It does take up considerable space and can make small bedrooms appear cramped.

The best part has that girl costs less than $140 and provides a value for money proposition for those interested.

Sauder headboard

10. Furniture of America -Multi-Color Selection

Another quaint headboard in gray, this two is a tufted and buttoned variant. Of course, these have a contemporary touch thou inspired by mid-century designs. You can get these headboards in 100% cotton or a mix of cotton and rayon too. That makes these very restful to lean on.

The icing on the cake thinks this one is available in 5 different colours. Apart from the functional gray, you have a cheerful green and a stunning purple as well. There are also ivory and blue options for those looking for muted shades.

The fabric is upholstered on solid wood and that makes these headboards rather sturdy. It has a 4.3 rating and costs even less than $100. So if you are looking for classy options within a budget, there is hardly any that could compete with this one.

Furniture of America Headboard


All in all the list of the Top 10 Best headboard is a mix of functionality and style coupled with a budget. Not all of us are sporting designer brands in our bedroom. Nonetheless, that dose not mean it needs to look drab. These stylish, comfortable and trendy options offer you the right balance of class and style to your house.


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